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Oisson - online youth clothing store


May 2017
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Our main task was to create an online store of modern clothes to provide the most comfortable buying process. The design of an online store was created in accordance with its range, so it is creative, built on contrasts and very stylish. The navigation is as simple and straightforward as possible. The main page is a shop window with product names and prices. Straitly on the product page you can get acquainted with the available sizes and detailed product descriptions, view more photos. After choosing the right piece(or several) you can immediately fill in a contact form, choose a delivery method and pay with PayPal directly from the cart. For a quick contact with the seller, besides the Contact page, there is a support window where you can leave a message.
Responsive is important
Each of our solutions is a powerful business tool, so when it is created, all the details are taken into account. RWD (responsive web design) solves the problem of adapting design to screens of various devices (including smart phones that are constantly in hand), which increases your customers' convenience and their loyalty to the brand and the manufacturer in general.
Technologies we work with
We are the team of passionate technology enthusiasts basing our skill set on Linux/Python stack. However we also have solid background in PHP development as well as Front-End technologies (Angular, React, jQuery etc.)
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