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Tech Clean - landing page of carpet cleaning company


Mar. 2018
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In the compact landing page of the Tech Clean Company, providing carpet cleaning and washing services, you can find information about the company's work process, the services it provides and the results of its activities. Are you satisfied with everything? Then simply enter your number in a separate field or fill out a simple contact form with the description of your own application and the company manager will immediately receive a notification in Telegram and answer all your questions.
Responsive is important
Each of our solutions is a powerful business tool, so when it is created, all the details are taken into account. RWD (responsive web design) solves the problem of adapting design to screens of various devices (including smart phones that are constantly in hand), which increases your customers' convenience and their loyalty to the brand and the manufacturer in general.
Technologies we work with
We are the team of passionate technology enthusiasts basing our skill set on Linux/Python stack. However we also have solid background in PHP development as well as Front-End technologies (Angular, React, jQuery etc.)
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