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Agora - service for collection and analysis of advertisments


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The project's purpose is to search for ads on websites, sorted by special category. We scrape ads from all websites and create a hash of ad images in order to check check for identical images later. Then we scrape title, text, link of each ad. Next, linking these data to ads, we make screenshots, HTML text of web page. All gathered data is then stored in a database. We get text of ads using the library, allowing sc scraping only the main text from website. The web application was created to display information of scraped ads. There you can lter ads by date and other criteria.
Responsive is important
Each of our solutions is a powerful business tool, so when it is created, all the details are taken into account. RWD (responsive web design) solves the problem of adapting design to screens of various devices (including smart phones that are constantly in hand), which increases your customers' convenience and their loyalty to the brand and the manufacturer in general.
We are the team of passionate technology enthusiasts basing our skill set on Linux/Python stack. However we also have solid background in PHP development as well as Front-End technologies (Angular, React, jQuery etc.)
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