SaaS Development

SaaS Development - is that complicated?

It’s a rhetorical question for us. Because it depends on your goals – it could be rather simple or could be a complicated complex product.

SaaS (Software as a Service) become more and more popular service because users want to use soft quickly and without long installations.

Why choose us?

  • 4+ years of experience
  • Client-oriented approach
  • Well-done UI/UX products

Our SaaS development services

Web product development
Web product development

Creating UI/UX friendly interfaces

Mobile app development
Mobile app development

SaaS available in cell phone

API and integrations
API and integrations

Connecting 3rd party services

Latest work

Smart tools
Set of tools to simplify planning and management tasks for large companies. React based front-end communicates with various back-end micro services through REST API.

Latest work

A CAD system designed for BIM with IFC support. My role in the project involved custom plugins creation to satisfy customer needs as well as extending the software itself.

Latest work

Neptune is the system for accounting and insurance for students

Latest work

The project's purpose is to search for ads on websites. We scrape ads from all websites and create a hash of ad images in order to check check for identical images later. Then we scrape title, text, link of each ad. We get text of ads using the library, allowing retrieving only the main text from website. The web application was created to display information of scraped ads. There you can filter ads by date and other criteria.

Latest work

We faced the challenge to create a platform for analyzing football matches for the team and for a certain player. The information on the site allows you to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of a football player or a team. In addition to information in figures (goals, passes, help, etc.), the service also provides visualization of events on the field. In this way, the user can select the most active sector of the field in one or another game.

Latest work

The lead generation tool with implementation of AI chat bot for getting the qualified leads. It allows user to teach AI and provide automated responses.

Latest work

An online CAD system designed rapid development of mechanical parts It connects owners of CNC machines and clients who has needs in fast development of mechanical parts.

Client's feedback

Sergey Tkachenko
Sergey Tkachenko
Managing Partner

SaaS as a global trend

Growing market

According to Gartner, global cloud service and SaaS solutions market will reach $206,2 bln in 2019, up from $175,8 bln in 2018.

Public cloud

Two biggest public cloud products are Amazon Web Services (near half of all market) and Microsoft Azure.

Adoption grows

Global companies' budgets for the implementation of this technology increased by an average of 30% in 2019.