Data Science & Big Data

Data Science & Big Data - nice stuff or bad things?

No matter how you treat it, big data is already changing our lives and the services we use. A lot of data analyzing by businesses for creating new solutions.

Customized entertainment, online shopping experience, security issues, content settings, chat-bots, artificial intelligence – areas where big data already using.

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  • Analytic tools
  • Big data gainers
  • Data science consulting

Our Data Science & Big Data services

Analysis tools
Analysis tools

Performing services recognizing sense in big data

Big data gainers
Big data gainers

Creation of big data storages with effective processing

Forecasts and prediction services
Forecasts and prediction services

Predict risks and opportunities, using machine learning

Latest work

The main idea was to develop an analytical service for traders (similar to Coinbase) with the possibility to create a personal portfolio to assess their own profits or losses and display their variation in real time. The main page contains graphs of currencies with a dynamic profit display (TOP-10 most popular crypto currencies in the world). You can get more detailed information on a certain crypto currency via search on a separate information page.

Latest work

The project purpose is to scrape news that is relevant to technology companies. We currently have three scrapers. Each scrapes news from different websites relevant to a specific company. You can search new by special tags to the most relevant news. The basic service was created to manage the scrapers. It's similar to ScrapingHub, but with fewer features. You can set the list of companies for scraping, run/stop any scraper, and check logs. There is also a feature that allows the scraper to run periodically.

Client's story

Thibaut Mallet de Chauny
Thibaut Mallet de Chauny
Partner and Managing Director at EIS - EXA Innovation Studio

Data Science & Big Data as advantage

Income increase

According to the Dell Global Technology Adoption Index, organizations actively using big data has up to 53% higher revenue.

Huge growth

90% of all of today’s data was created in the last 2 years. 32 zettabytes were created in 2018 (100x volume of Facebook data storage).

Big data right now

Every two days created as much data as it was generated from the beginning of civilization until 2003.